Get Lost in TianziFang

TianziFang / TaiKang Lu Across from DaPuQiao (Line 9) Exit 1 Look for the stone archways leading back into alley-ways. TianziFang (Chinese: 田子坊; pinyin: Tiánzǐfāng) TaikangLu (Chinese: 泰康路; pinyin: Tàikāng Lù) The Tianzifang area  located off Taikang Rd  is a fun rambling network of cafe’s, shops, bars, boutiques and galleries built into converted Shikumen style housing (Chinese: t 石庫門, s 石库门, p shíkùmén, lit. “Stone Warehouse Gate”) Many shops occupy the first level, while some of the second and third levels continue to be … Continue reading Get Lost in TianziFang