CH2 (by Whisk), Chocolate Heaven

In China it can sometimes be hard to find good desserts…especially ones that don’t have a hidden treasure inside (pork floss anyone?). If you’re looking for your dessert fix—and more specifically for your Chocolate dessert fix—look no further than CH2 (formerly Whisk). They’ve recently added CHeese to their CHocolate offerings, hence the apparent name-change.   While all of their desserts are great, you’d be remiss … Continue reading CH2 (by Whisk), Chocolate Heaven

Shanghai Natural History Museum

If you read anything about the previous Natural History Museum, it was probably how people encouraged you to go to “see how bad it is” (kind of like the Tourist Tunnel in Liujiazui). Luckily the newly renovated and reopened Shanghai Natural History Museum is the exact opposite of is predecessor, and as it sports a worthwhile show for dinosaur and architecture enthusiasts alike, it is … Continue reading Shanghai Natural History Museum

Would it be less weird if it were online? People’s Square Marriage Market

Looking for something interesting to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Head to People’s Park and peruse the Marriage Market. It certainly is a site to behold as you walk down outdoor pathways wallpapered with A4 sheets advertising various people and their “qualifications”—it’s e-harmony and online dating come to life in Shanghai. The majority of the advertisements are posted by parents eager to help … Continue reading Would it be less weird if it were online? People’s Square Marriage Market