Olympic Sculpture Park—Enjoy Art and Great Views

If it’s a sunny day in Seattle, it means that you should be outside enjoying it. Olympic Sculpture Park is a great place to combine enjoyment of art, the city, and the outdoors all in one place. Walking distance from Pike Place, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Seattle Great Wheel, it’s a location that can easily be combined with more city-centered activities such as eating, … Continue reading Olympic Sculpture Park—Enjoy Art and Great Views

Gas Works Park: Beautiful Day & Night

Day or night, Gas Works Park is a great place to enjoy Seattle. Picturesque views of the city skyline and famous Space Needle abound, rolling grass hills give plenty of space for setting out a picnic, watching the sunset, the water planes landing and taking off, or sailboats floating by, and enjoying the city lights slowly lighting up the sky at night. Bring a tripod for great night photos, or a frisbee and kite for daytime fun. There is also an area with a picnic shelter, tables, and fire grills if you want to BBQ. Continue reading “Gas Works Park: Beautiful Day & Night”

CH2 (by Whisk), Chocolate Heaven

In China it can sometimes be hard to find good desserts…especially ones that don’t have a hidden treasure inside (pork floss anyone?). If you’re looking for your dessert fix—and more specifically for your Chocolate dessert fix—look no further than CH2 (formerly Whisk). They’ve recently added CHeese to their CHocolate offerings, hence the apparent name-change.   While all of their desserts are great, you’d be remiss … Continue reading CH2 (by Whisk), Chocolate Heaven