For nine years I lived and worked in Shanghai, China. I love to travel and explore, to go on and off the beaten path. When you’re traveling this is easier. You’re in an “I’m-going-to-get-out-and-and-see-(enter exotic location here)” mind-set. But somehow, when you live somewhere, that mind-set goes away—even if where you’re living is one of those “enter exotic location here” locations.

Enter this blog.

I needed accountability. So I started a blog on places to explore in Shanghai (mostly to make sure I got out to see Shanghai). If you’re traveling to Shanghai, then these are some of a “locals'” favorite places (I’m not Chinese, but I’ve probably lived here as long as or longer than some of the non-Shanghainese people in the city). If you’re also living in Shanghai, then hopefully you’ll discover a new place you’ve never seen—or even the inspiration needed to go back to an old place that’s well known but still worth a visit now and again.

Living in Shanghai also gave me incredible opportunities to travel to various places in China and internationally, you’ll start seeing some of these travel tips pop up too. I just recently moved to Seattle, USA to go to grad school, so this will be another “explore-heavy” location.

Still wanna know more about how this blog came to be? Look here.

Fun Facts:

  • although I’m not Chinese, my name is Chinese
  • I love animals but am generally allergic to them
  • I’m one of 2% of the population that has red hair—which I’ve heard pretty much makes me magical like a unicorn
  • I had a scooter, and driving it made me want to sing (and I did)

Feel free to connect with me to share corrections, ideas or with questions at janai [dot] wallace [@] gmail [dot] com.

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