CH2 (by Whisk), Chocolate Heaven

In China it can sometimes be hard to find good desserts…especially ones that don’t have a hidden treasure inside (pork floss anyone?). If you’re looking for your dessert fix—and more specifically for your Chocolate dessert fix—look no further than CH2 (formerly Whisk).

2015-07-23 14.38.33

They’ve recently added CHeese to their CHocolate offerings, hence the apparent name-change.

2015-07-23 13.31.04 2015-07-23 13.31.09

While all of their desserts are great, you’d be remiss if you went to CH2 and didn’t try their Upside-Down Cake (chocolate cake with melted “lava” inside, served with ice-cream) or their Chocolate Granita (imagine an amazing hot chocolate drink made into an iced shake). If you really want to make sure that you don’t miss out, you are just a high-capacity-chocolate-eater, or you go with a group of people, then order one of each so you can have a taste of everything!

L: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake; R: Upside-Down Cake
L:Triple Chocolate Cheesecake; R: Upside-Down Cake

CH2 is generally known for it’s desserts, but they’ve also got a pretty good selection of regular food. To help them “launch” their new name, my friend and I tried the grilled CHeese sandwhich, and it was quite tasty.

2015-07-23 13.45.30

Fair warning, they’re closed on Mondays!

2015-07-23 14.40.25

CH2 by Whisk

Address: 1250 Huaihai Middle Road, near Huating Road
google map  |  baidu map

Open: Tuesday–Sunday, 10:30a–11:30p. Closed Mondays.

Metro: Changshu Rd Station (Line 1 & 7; 4 minutes walk)

Cost: Food averages ¥80, and desserts ¥50 per dish

Have an update or correction about this location or activity? Please let me know! Thanks 😀

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