May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Bingo at Kommune

Monday is Bingo Night at Kommune

If you enjoy good old fashioned Bingo, or are just looking for a fun way to hang out with friends, Bingo Night at Kommune is for you. If you have a vision of Bingo nights as cafeterias filled with grandmas and grandpas and tray-food, come just so you can see how fun Bingo can be. 

Kommune, a small restaurant & bar, is located in the wandering alley-ways of TaiKang Rd., nestled back in a quaint courtyard. Everything in the restaurant has a creative touch—from the way that tableware is made available (personal sack-cloth pouches hanging  each table), to their glassware (reminiscent of old-style milk jars engraved with the Kommune logo), to the salt, pepper, and sugar containers (skinny test-tubes). Even the Bingo cards have a nice twist as some of the numbers are actually written in Chinese characters.

If you follow Kommune on WeChat you automatically get two free Bingo cards for each of the three rounds that night. Another two Bingo cards are given if you’ve ordered food or drink before the upcoming round.

As happy hour goes from 5-7pm, and Bingo starts at 7pm, the best plan is to show up just before 7 to get your happy hour drink—and two Bingo cards for the first round at 7. The food is tasty and decently priced. It’s tapas style portions makes it easy to split your dinner into 2-3 small meals (each dish is ¥25-35). By spacing out your food orders between succeeding Bingo rounds you can secure yourself Bingo cards for each round that night while refueling for the next round.

Each Bingo round has three mini games within it—with prizes being awarded to the person to reach each mark (one line marked out, “X” or two diagonal lines, and black-out). Prizes range from a tshirt and one of their unique Kommune glasses, their special hot chocolate in a “Kommie” mug, or a gift certificate for the restaurant.

So, get your favorite group of fun-loving people together and head over on a Monday night—just make sure you don’t yell Bingo when you don’t have it—there are consequences for those who cry wolf!

Tianzifang, Room 5, lane 7, 210 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
田子坊泰康路210弄7号5室, 近思南路
Metro: DapuQiao Station, Exit 1, Line 9 (5 min walk)
Hours: 7am-1am
Phone: 6473 8092

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