What Do Poop and Staying Cool Have in Common? Find Out at More Than Toilet!

Well besides that apparently it’s becoming cool to talk about poop openly these days—at least according to various recent media publications (here, here and here are just a few), and a great “Poop Primer” show by Dr Oz.

I can’t say that I’m sad about this trend. The little poop is my favorite emoticon on my phone (he’s just so happily steamy!), and any of my friends will tell you I’m happy to take the opportunity to include poop in any discussion.

But all these things aside—back to the original question. What do poop, and staying cool, have in common?

Well, if you live in Shanghai you know that it’s starting to heat up—or at least if you’ve ever been here for the summer you know the heat that is just waiting to hammer down on us—even if it’s not quite here yet. So summer activities that you can do while staying cool are a bonus. Summer activities that actually cool you down—double bonus!

Enter. More than Toilet. (Also known as Modern Toilet in Taiwan, but maybe something happened in their sign-making translations when they set up shot in Shanghai). Serving up cool delicious ice-cream treats, on a porcelain squattie potty, in the shape of a lovely poo. Besides the novelty, the ice-cream itself is actually quite good!


If you want to really explore their cold treats you can get a super-sized-squattie with sherbet/ice cream combos and random assortment of jelly balls, and other toppings only found together in China.

More than Toilet takes it all the way with the decor—making seats out of toilets, table stands out of toilets (conveniently topped with glass for easy viewing of the poo inside), including poop comics on their place-settings, and selling all your favorite toilet/poo paraphernalia such as key chains and pens.


During my last visit I gave in a bought a little poo pen, which to my delight writes extremely well (another thing that’s hard to find in China—pens that write).


I’ve only ever gone for dessert because there are so many other amazing restaurants in the Taikang Lu area to eat an actual meal at, but More than Toilet does serve real food too, if you want to take care of a whole meal in one stop.

more-than-toilet-2013-04-16 21.05.46

More Than Toilet (Modern Toilet)
Tianzifang, No. 5, Lane 274, Taikang Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu
田子坊泰康路274弄5号, 近瑞金二路
Phone: 5412 2821
Open daily: 11am–10pm
5 min walk from Dapuqiao Metro Station on Line 9
Map & Smart Shanghai listing here

Do you have other suggestions of how to stay cool in Shanghai for the summer? Comment below with your favorites! I’m here all summer and happy to have some options to check out.

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