Solve the Puzzle Before the Hour’s Up: Mr. X’s Mystery House

So, as I knew it would, life gets busy…and then the wanderings slow… and then the postings about wanderings slow even more. And before you know it, there are wanderings not posted and wanderings not had.

But—fear not! I recently visited someplace that has renewed my Wandering posting inspiration! Meet:

Mr X Mystery House

This is a proper Shanghai Wander for anyone with a love for puzzles, games, or a good mystery novel. For ¥120 per person, you and 7 friends can be locked in a room, then left to solve the puzzle and find your way out before the hour count-down reaches zero. You’re not allowed to bring in anything to help you (no cell phones, iPads, etc), so it’s just you, your friends, and your Sherlock-y skills of deduction.

We only tried one of the five room options, but even within that one room there was a whole string of puzzles you had to solve, step-by-step, before you could find your way out. Each completed step reveals the clue for the next leg of the quizzical journey. Sometimes figuring out the puzzle involves taking a step back and thinking creatively, and sometimes it just means doing the thing that’s most obvious. Whatever you do—if you like this sort of thing— you’ll have a great time.

As much as it saddens my competitive heart to say it—we didn’t make it out of our room on time, but we did spend the rest of the lunch-hour discussing how we could have solved things more quickly, what the answers were, what the next steps we would have had to solve would have been—proving that it captured our imaginations.

For anyone looking for team-building or leadership activities, this is also a great option as most rooms only have 1-2 aspects of the puzzle that can be worked on at any given time, meaning that 4-8 people have to be working together (and not calling each other stupid) in order to get out on time. You also get to see who takes charge in a situation, how people think, and who gets mad and just bangs on things.

Somehow, even though I’m just now posting about this Wander…it seems that much of Shanghai has already made it’s discovery (amazing I know—sarcastic face), meaning that if you’re planning on going, it’s best to call and make a reservation first!

Couple this with the Sherlock Cafe for a mystery-solving themed day at its best!

Mr X Mystery House
Open daily from 10am–3am
Bldg 1, 550 Jumen Lu, near Quxi Lu
局门路550号1号楼, 近瞿溪路

About a 20 minute walk from Luban Rd Station on Metro Line 4
See listing in SmartShanghai here.

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