Would it be less weird if it were online? People’s Square Marriage Market

Looking for something interesting to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Head to People’s Park and peruse the Marriage Market. It certainly is a site to behold as you walk down outdoor pathways wallpapered with A4 sheets advertising various people and their “qualifications”—it’s e-harmony and online dating come to life in Shanghai.


The majority of the advertisements are posted by parents eager to help their children find a mate before they’re “too old.” Many parents advertise their children without their permission, or even against their wishes.  Advertisements include information such as the age, height, weight, job, and even salary of the people being advertised—along with requirements for potential offerers (need an apartment… a car… or possible positions/careers).

Looking for a better “marriage market presence?” Make sure to post your Ad through one of the “stalls” that has guarantees as far as how many, or what kinds of matches they’ll help you find.  This lady looks pretty serious about her match-making strategery. She’s even embraced the latest in QR technology…for quickly saving all the possibilities?


If you want to learn more about the marriage market and hear some different perspectives from attendees check out this 5min video on youtube.

To check it out for yourself:

Saturday and Sunday from noon until about 5 pm
North end of People’s Park (人民公园, 75 Nanjing Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu 南京西路75号, 近黄陂北路)
Metro Line 1, 2 and 8, People’s Square Station.

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