Laoximen and Fuxing Rd: A true Wandering experience

Spring has finally started to return to Shanghai! Which means, it’s the perfect time for some true wandering before the heat-waves of summer have a chance to rear their ugly heads!

Luckily, I have just the place for you!

The area east of Laoximen Station, on either side of Fuxing Rd going toward the Bund/Huangpu River will provide countless alleys and photo-worthy sites.

Fuxing Rd Map Shot

I can’t get enough of the streets canopied with drying clothes! Many of us have heard the popular idiom: “don’t hang your dirty laundry out for all to see”—but apparently hanging all your clean laundry out to dry,  for all to see, is perfectly okay! There are tiny eateries hidden in nooks, street food galore, locals relaxing with a game of cards, and changing architectural styles at every turn.

laoximen looking up

If you can find somewhere to get a more elevated view, you’ll be able to take in the stark contrast of the old vs the glitz of upward construction.

a view from up high: new meets old
a view from up high: new meets old

We started our afternoon in the area south of Fuxing Rd (and east of Laoximen Station). After almost an hour, our wandering spit us back out onto Fuxing Rd.

We decided to cross to the north side of Fuxing and promptly stopped for a foot massage at a random massage place. After our foot massage we continued wandering east past more fun streets filled with street food, toward the river and the Fuxing Ferry Terminal.

Fuxing Ferry Terminal

When you’re done exploring this area, there are many options for continued exploration or to rest up with a nice meal. If you head North you’ll hit Yu Garden, or you can take the Fuxing Ferry across to the Pudong side and enjoy a nice walk along the Pudong Bund then get re-fueled with a meal in LiuJiaZui.


Whatever you decide, take the camera and leave the itinerary behind. This type of wander is best enjoyed with no plans and lots of room for flexibility. We spent roughly 2 hours walking around and it was just right.

Start at Laoximen Station (Line 8/10). Exit and head east toward the river. Take as many turns as possible. Try to get lost. At some point you’ll probably end up back on Fuxing Rd. There’s more good stuff North of this road as well.

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