Shabu-shabu Anyone?

If you’re like me, when I first heard those words, and are confused, it’s ok! No, it’s not a new SeaWorld show in Shanghai. Nor is it a new dance class like Zumba or Tabata (and look here for more crazy fitness crazes). It’s……. Japanese Hot Pot! 🙂

Now, living in China, I’ve had my fair share of Chinese Hot Pot, little did I know that there was a Japanese version called Shabu-shabu.

285 Jinyan Rd (near JinXiu Rd)
10 min walk from Shanghai Science and Technology Station
Line 2, Exit 5


The wonderful thing about starting a blog about fun things to do in Shanghai, is that suddenly all of your friends feel compelled to invite you to, or help find—fun things to do in Shanghai! This one is introduced to me by my friend Jamie who is much more of an aficionado on food than I (seriously—why didn’t I let her write this post?!), but I’ll do my best.

Fundamentals of any Hot Pot:

  • get a pot of broth
  • order meat + veggies + other
  • dump into pot of broth
  • dip into sauce
  • eat

Things I’ve been told are different between Chinese Hot Pot and Shabu-shabu:

  • less oil
  • more veggies
  • more “fresh”
  • different “dipping” options

Another friend that seemed to know more about Shabu-shabu than any of us thought that while this place wasn’t “totally legit” it was decent, and definitely different enough from Chinese Hot Pot that it’s worth a go.

Why you should go:

  • Â¥118 all-you-can eat
  • Seriously delicious “magic sauce” (That’s my word not theirs. It wasn’t purely vinegar, nor was it soy sauce…. it was just… MAGIC. I might have gone through one bottle on my own.)
  • Individual broth pots with “flavor” options: normal, kelp, small spice, medium spice, big spice. (Of course I went for the big spice, sneezed big spice up my nose, then proceeded to leak tears for about 5 minutes straight….why can’t I just go medium spice?!)
  • Â¥10 mugs of Asahi
  • Individual tatami rooms (reservation needed) where you get to feel like you’re sitting on the floor, but actually sit with your legs down under the under-table-space sunken into the ground. (Way more comfy!)
  • Everything did indeed seem “fresh” (meat wasn’t frozen in perfect cylinders and I felt like there was more variety than at Chinese Hot Pot).

I just made myself hungry again thinking about it. I think that’s a good sign!


Other Locations:

1720 Huaihai Li, Wuxing Lu
6471 7657

335 Xianxia Rd
6274 3728

85 Songyuan Rd
6278 8798

328 Pudian Rd, Pudong
5840 3175

285 Jinyan Rd
6109 2979

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