Shanghai Wander

I’ve been living in Shanghai, China for 7.5 years now. When I first came here it was easy to be adventurous and excited about the city. It was my first time living abroad. I had a group of awesome friends who had also just moved here. None of us knew how “long-term” we’d be so it was easy to push through the tiredness or the logical, and be “adventurous” on a work night, or spend the weekend traipsing around the city instead of relaxing at home. (I should throw in here that I live in Pudong—often referred to as PuJersey—so traipsing around the city inevitably involved an almost hour long subway ride…. but don’t worry Pudong-Ren! I’ll share some Wanders from our side too!).

The longer I live here, however, the more the dazzle of possible adventure in the city dulls to the dazzle of a day at home void of cramped subways and elbowing commuters. More and more my explorers cap only comes out on holidays or for visitors.

Hence project “Shanghai Wander”. A time to rediscover this crazy city. A time to remind myself of the good, the fun, the quirky, the unique, the benefits of my time in Shanghai. Being a person that loves the outdoors and nature I sometimes focus too much on what Shanghai doesn’t have rather than what it has. No more I say!

For project Shanghai Wander, I’ll post at least twice per month on a new place to Wander in Shanghai. While I sometimes don’t love the city, I always love sharing an adventure with friends or helping others find a new-to-them-adventure. Through this project I hope to re-kindle my love of some of the “old” of Shanghai…. but I also hope to discover some new for myself. Within a city where every vantage includes a crane, I’m sure to find many places that have popped up since I went into “hermit mode”.

Feel free to share your thoughts on places. Suggestions on places to go. Tips. Tricks. Questions. Shanghai….. here we come!

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